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$1.00 Residual Purchase

Residual Purchase

This financing option is most commonly exercised for pieces of equipment that will retain a higher percentage of their value throughout the lease. This option can also be beneficial to companies who are certain that they would like to retain ownership of the equipment at the conclusion of the lease.

Fair Market Value Lease (FMV)

Fair Market Value Lease

The Fair Market Value option is best suited for businesses who are interested in keeping monthly payments lower to allow for better cash flow. This plan is also beneficial if equipment depreciates rapidly. Choosing FMV option makes it easier for you to upgrade your equipment at the conclusion of the lease, or to exercise your purchase option for the market value of the equipment at that time. Some businesses can find tax benefits of the FMV option by deducting the monthly payment as an expense on financial statement and tax returns. (consult your tax advisor.)

Fixed Purchase

Fixed Purchase

The Fixed Purchase option provides businesses with the cash flow benefits of a Fair Market Value Lease while giving them the security of a fixed payment at the end of the term. The amount of the fixed final payment can vary, the most common being the 10% fixed purchase. The professionals at Vista Capital will work with you to put together a payment structure that will meet your needs. We have programs that range from the step up or step down programs to deferred programs and even seasonal adjustments to meet your changing needs. Let the leasing professionals at Vista Capital help to put together a financing plan that will satisfy your business' cash flow and equipment needs.

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