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or businesses with a consistent and diversified revenue stream, we offer quick access to working capital. Our process is simple, easy and without the hassle of traditional bank loans.


Financing Options For All Credits!


oday traditional lenders are ignoring small business needs, but we believe businesses with a consistent revenue stream have untapped borrowing potential. We can help companies, which may have been considered too risky by traditional lenders, qualify for up to $250,000 by offering alternative financing options. The need for cash can ebb and flow due to changes in growth, the launch of a new product, raw material needs, or unexpected.

2 Minute Quote

2 Minute Quote

How It Works

We’ve got this process down. It’s fast, easy, and doesn’t require a lot of paperwork.

Working Capital

Tell us about your business. You can do it online or by phone. It only takes a little bit of information to get the whole process moving.

Business Funds

Get your loan. Funds are wired directly into your business bank account, typically within 2 business days after approval.

Loan Application

Fill out the application. It only takes a few minutes. We’re more interested in business performance than credit score.

Small Daily Payments

Pay it back automatically. Instead of one big monthly payment, we set it up so small daily payments are debited automatically from your business bank account.

Get Approved

Get approved. We’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours to start the approval process. We’ll ask you for bank statements and a few standard documents.

Example of a 10 Month Working Capital Loan

(Longer Terms are available)

$50,000 is sent by wire/ACH into your Bank Account

You make $311 daily ACH payments (only non-holiday weekdays)

Half way through your contract you can “Renew” for a new 10 month term or finish your contract

Finish your last 5 months of the contract
Start a new 10 month contract and rollover the existing balance.

How Much Will I Qualify For?

Loan QualificationsI

f your firm meets our minimum criteria firm (on previous page), you should qualify for between 4%-6% of your Annual Business Revenue. For example, if your firm has annual revenue of $1 million dollars you could qualify for between $40,000 to $60,000 in working capital. The working capital can be used for anything you choose and you have no restrictions on its use.

How Long Does It Take?

Credit ApprovalC

redit approvals normally take 24-48 hours. Once approved, documents can be sent to you by email within one business day. Once we receive documents, we can get the funds into your account within two days. Applicants should expect the entire process to take between three and six business days.

Examples of Daily Payments

Loan Amount 6 Month Term 10 Month Term 14 Month Term 18 Month Term
$25,000 $246.03 $159.52 $117.35 $92.59
$50,000 $492.06 $319.05 $234.69 $185.19
$75,000 $738.10 $478.57 $352.04 $277.73
$100,000 $984.17 $638.10 $469.39 $320.37
$125,000 $1,230.16 $797.62 $586.73 $462.96
$150,000 $1,476.19 $957.14 $704.08 $555.56

Once you are 50% through your working capital loan, you can request that your loan be “renewed” for another term. Your remaining balance is then refinanced for a brand new term! Please note: all renewals are subject to approval.